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About BHS

Berthoud High School

Principal: Gordon Boschman

850 Spartan Ave. Berthoud, CO 80513
Phone: 970 613-7700

Mission: In accordance with our belief that Our Business is Kids, the mission of Berthoud High School is to provide the best possible education to all our high school students.

Slogan: Our Business is Kids!

Colors: Maroon and white

Mascot: Spartans

Describe: We are a close-knit community with a fantastic staff that provides individual attention to our students. Teachers leave and return; graduates come and teach here; people know one another. We have a comprehensive program, but our students are not anonymous. We focus on the whole student. All of the things parents want for their kids and their piece of mind is here. We are truly grateful for our amazing parent group, The Berthoud Bash, for raising thousands of dollars towards our feeder schools in the areas of technology, curriculum and student support. We have outstanding volunteer parents who give hundreds of hours and resources to our clubs, sports and academic programs.

Stellar Points and Special Offerings: STEM has been a focus for us and we are continuing to increase our offerings and refine our great STEM program, Project Lead the Way program, increasing Concurrent Enrollment courses like AP Biology, College Comp1 and 2, (new) Fire Science,(new) Math 112, and (bi-annually)Teacher Cadet program. Also we have two unique offerings called Night Astronomy at the Little Thompson Observatory located on site and Thompson River Project. We consistently have the best graduation rate and the lowest drop-out rate in our district and with many of our surrounding schools. Our No Place for Hate, Peer Support Counselors and Peer Buddy programs are very successful, and our students represent our school and community in amazing ways. Our Robotics program rivals any in the world as they have competed and won at the State, National and World levels while being one of the smallest high schools in those competitions due to great sponsors, parents and students.

Extracurricular: Comprehensive sports programs; many multiple-sport athletes; Bridge Between Show Choir; great dramas and musicals, Vex Robotics.

Climate: We are a welcoming, receptive, upbeat, tight-knit family of educators that is positive and continuing to improve our performance. Students feel safe and teachers are available much of the day. We have a great office staff that continues to focus on customer service.

Awards/Accomplishments/Partnerships: 1st No Place for Hate high school in our district; Boettcher and Daniels Fund recipients and many local scholarship winners annually.